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1. (2015・无锡模拟)From the ________ expression on the manager’s face, I knew he was ________ about the plan I worked out, so I had to make some changes.

  A. puzzling; puzzling    B. puzzling; puzzled

  C. puzzled; puzzling D. puzzled; puzzled

  【解析】选D。句意: 从经理脸上困惑的表情, 我明白他对我制订的计划感到很困惑, 所以我不得不做一些修改。表情是“困惑的”, 他感到“困惑”, 两个空都应填puzzled, 故选D。

  2. (2015・徐州模拟)As is known to us all, it was from the role of “Xu Sanduo” that Wang Baoqiang’s acting career ________ .

  A. took up B. took in

  C. took off D. took down

  【解析】选C。考查动词短语。句意: 众所周知, 王宝强的演艺事业正是从“许三多”这一角色开始腾飞的。take up拿起, 接受, 开始从事, 继续, 占据; take in接受, 理解, 包括, 欺骗; take off脱掉, 起飞, (事业)腾飞; take down取下, 记下, 拆卸。

  3. (2015・益阳模拟)Grandpa was not shocked at the news. Rarely ________ him so quiet.

  A. do I see B. had I seen

  C. I had seen D. I saw

  【解析】选B。rarely是否定副词, 位于句首句子要部分倒装; 从was这一过去时态可知事情发生在过去, 因此选B。

  4. (2015・江淮十校模拟)When word came ________ Zhang Bichen 现在常用什么方法来治疗癫痫became the winner of The Voice of China, 2014, her fans, greatly excited, stood up cheering for her.

  A. that   B. what   C. which   D. where

  【解析】选A。句意: 当张碧晨成为2014年度《中国好声音》冠军的这个消息传来时, 她的粉丝非常激动地站起来向她欢呼。that引导的同位语从句解释名词word的内容。从句句子完整, 因此用that。



  (2015・启东模拟)We wonder if he has given any explanation to the question ________ he came here for the other day.

  A. what B. how C. that D. why

  【解析】选A。考查同位语从句。句意: 我们想知道他是否对他前几天为什么来这里这个问题做出了解释。介词for后缺宾语用what, 相当于why he came here the other day。

  5. Some insects ________ the colour of their surroundings to protect themselves.

  A. take in B. take off

  C. take on D. take out

  【解析】选C。考查短语辨析。句意: 有些昆虫呈现它们周围环境的颜色来保护自己。take in吸收, 收留, 欺骗; take off脱下, 起飞, 腾飞; take on呈现; take out拿出。

  6. (2015・徐州模拟) ________ a certain doubt among the workers as to the necessity of doing the work.

  A. It existed B. There existed

  C. 患上了癫痫病怎么办?There had D. It had

  【解析】选B。考查倒装句。句意: 对于做这份工作的必要性, 工人们存在一定的疑惑。There exists/existed. . . “有; 存在”相当于There be. . . 结构, 属于完全倒装。

  7. (2015・合肥模拟)With the good care taken by doctors and nurses, many patients are beginning to ________ .

  A. pick out B. turn up

  C. turn out D. pick up

  【解析】选D。考查短语动词。句意: 因为有医生和护士们的精心照料, 很多病人都处于康复当中。pick up此处意为“(健康)恢复”; pick out挑出, 辨认出; turn up调大, 出现; turn out结果, 结果证明是。

  8. (2015・淮安模拟)The sports meeting, originally ________ be held last Friday, was finally delayed because of the bad weather.

  A. due to B. thanks to

  C. owing to D. according to

  【解析】选A。考查be due to do sth. “预期做某事”。句意: 原定于上周五举行的运动会, 最终因天气不好而推迟了。在本句中该结构作定语, 相当于一个非限制性定语从句which was originally due to be held last Friday, 修饰the sports meeting。

  9. (2015・南通模拟) ________ that the government can lead them out of the trouble, people are optimistic about the future of the country.

  A. Convincing B. Convinced

  C太原羊羔疯治好要多少钱. To convince D. Having convinced

  【解析】选B。考查非谓语动词。句意: 由于人们确信政府会领导他们走出困境, 所以人们对国家的未来感到很乐观。convince与逻辑主语people之间是被动关系。


  We finally managed to make the customers ________ of the quality of the vehicle.

  A. to convince B. convincingC. convince D. convinced【解析】选D。句意: 我们最终让顾客相信了车辆的质量有保证。convinced确信的, 深信的。make sb. convinced of sth. 使某人相信某事。

  10. (2015・南京模拟)Yesterday I met a colleague of mine, but her name ________ from my mind.

  A. forgot B. escaped C. fled D. left

  【解析】选B。句意: 昨天我遇见了我的一个同事, 但是我忘记了她的名字。forget的宾语应该是name; escape表示“忘记”时, 主语是忘记的“事情”。flee逃跑; leave表示把东西落在了某个地方。

  11. The experiment shows that proper amounts of exercise, if ________ regularly, can improve our health.

  A. being carried out B. carrying out

  C. carried out D. to carry out

  【解析】选C。考查状语从句的省略用法。完整的形式为“if they are carried out regularly”。在if, unless, although, when, while等状语从句中, 当从句主语和主句主语一致且从句中含有系动词be时, 可以将从句的主语和be动词省略。

<癫痫病能彻底治愈吗p>  12. (2015・苏州模拟)―Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

  ―He certainly ________ that honor, for his works are so popular.

  A. reserves B. deserves

  C. observes D. conserves

  【解析】选B。考查动词辨析。第二句句意: 他当然应得那项荣誉, 因为他的作品很受欢迎。deserve应受, 值得, 应得, 符合题意。reserve保留, 预订; observe观察, 注意到; conserve保护, 保存。

  13. (2015・常州模拟)―O’Neal works hard.

  ―So he does. He is often seen ________ heavily before his teammates have arrived at practice.

  A. to be sweated B. sweated

  C. be sweated D. sweating

  【解析】选D。句意: ――奥尼尔很刻苦。――是的, 他很刻苦。有人经常看见他在队友来训练前已经大汗淋漓了。此处是see sb. doing sth. 的被动语态, 故选D。

  14. (2015・扬州模拟)The film, ________ the true story of Red Army General, attracted people’s interest all over the country.

  A. is based on B. is on the base of

  C. which is the base for D. based upon

  【解析】选D。考查非谓语动词作定语的用法。根据base的结构, 排除B、C两项。由于attracted为本句的谓语, 因此A项不正确。be based on/upon以……为基础, 基于……之上。


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